Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services Ltd are trained and certified to carry out GTAW Orbital Welding to ASME BPE and EN Standard Procedures

Procedures EN and ASME BPE Standards from ¼” to all tube sizes

RMMS Ltd has the capability to GTAW Orbital weld with a range of AMI Weld Heads including the 8- 2000 (range ¼” -2”) 8-4000 (1/2 -4”) and 8-6625 (2” to 6”) with the AMI-207 / AMI 307 and AMI-217 Machines

Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services has high purity pipefitting equipment GF Saws/ GF facing tools to cover sizes from ¼” up to 6” ASME BPE-Fittings

Calibration Certification for all AMI-Machines, O2 monitors and associated equipment are available.

Raymond Masterson has the capability to carry out large volumes of work in their workshop and also on site to the specification for clients’ needs and requirements

All high purity pipework installations are accompanied by a fully documented installation package including:

• Material Certification
• Weld Logging
• Weld Mapping
• Calibration Certification
• Welder Certification
• Weld Procedures
• Borescope Reports
• Digital Level Scope Reports
• Pressure Test Certification