Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services LTD are trained in the Degreasing, De-Rouging and Passivation of High Purity Pipework Systems using our specialized trough that can be used for on-site passivation or passivation in our workshop.

We work closely with our clients to meet their passivation requirements. Our chemical suppliers provide us with the up to date degreasing, de-rouging and passivation chemicals on the market that has the minimal impact on the environment. RMMS LTD passivation procedures are backed up with our on-site analysis of temperature/Conductivity/T.D.S and P.H producing certification for our clients files. Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services have the capability for passivation of ½ to 6” High Purity Systems.

All RMMS personnel have been certified in Passivation Procedure A380 and A967 and chemical awareness training.

rmms passivation