Project Supervisor Construction Stage(PSCS)

What is PSCS?

PSCS means Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage. The Project Supervisor Construction Stage is responsible for managing and co-ordinating health and safety issues on site during the construction phase. The project supervisor construction stage is appointed before construction work commences and remains in that position until all construction work on the project is fully completed.

According to the Health & Safety Authority, The Project Supervisor Construction Stage duties include:

    • Notify the client of Construction regulations and advise them of our role as PSCS<Co-ordinate the checking of safe working procedures
    • Ensure that all workers are trained in safety and have proof e.g. Safe Pass
    • Ensure corrective measures are met to restrict entry on to the site
    • As PCSP, monitor the compliance of contractors and others & take action where necessary
    • Ensure that construction regulations are being implemented by contractors
    • Ensure co-operation between contractors and the provision of information
    • Notify the Health & Safety Authority and the client of non-compliance including any written directions issued
    • Report any accidents to the Health & Safety Authority
    • Appoint a site safety representative where there are more than 20 persons on site
    • Provide information to the site safety representative
    • Appoint a safety adviser where there are more than 100 people on site
    • Notify the Health & Safety Authority before construction commences if construction is likely to take more than 500 person days or 30 working days
    • Ensure the provision and maintenance of welfare facilities are met.
    • Provide all necessary safety information to the PSDP (Project supervisor design process). The PSCS may issue directions to designers or contractors

Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services LTD are fully qualified in PSCS